Good morning on this Jan 13th 2021 January 13 2021

Well its 2021 . The years first round of orders were shipped a few days ago and seem to be moving decently. I will be restocking the website again this afternoon (4-6PM MST) like I did the majority of Wednesdays last year.

My break was great and very much needed after last year. I hit the ground running just after Christmas and am expanding my colonies and hopefully building a new warehouse this year as well as other support buildings. I look forward to an awesome 2021 and continuing to be Your source for feeder roaches. Have an awesome year everyone. Follow meat search for
AzRoachRancher@AzRoachRancher as you join the fastest growing social media site that supports free speech and walk away from the Zuchterberg.

I have some coffee to drink and some roaches to ranch. Have a great day :)