Have a happy and safe 4th of July June 30 2017

Have a happy and safe 4th of July! I will not be shipping next week due to the 4th falling on a tuesday. I will resume regular shipping on the 10th and 11th. Have a great and safe holiday. I will also have stock updated sometime in the middle of next week.

Dubia February 19 2016

I will get the stock updated soon. I pulled a muscle in my back this week and have been moving a bit slower than normal. I will get the stock updated as soon as possible

New Year's Sale December 31 2015

Take 20% off of roach orders over $75 until Jan. 4th 2016 . Happy New Year's Be safe!

New specials section and winter shipping November 07 2015

I have a new Current Specials product. It will be what i would like to sell at a better deal than reg price. Also, Winter Shipping is in effect. Please check your temperatures and the shipping terms section on the website prior to ordering.  Stay safe and warm this winter. - aaron

Small dubia in stock now, winter shipping, and some other updates October 09 2015

I have small dubia in stock now. Tucson reptile show was great. Kudos and blessings to Mark Wolfson and everyone else who makes that show great . ( my helpers. Sarah, Carrie, Jacob, Peter and Francis and sometimes Dwayne the reptile rescue guy...thanks for the help) If your temps are getting cold check my shipping terms and add the winter shipping/heat pack/styro option.

TUCSON REPTILE EXPO 2015 September 29 2015

Come see me at the Tucson reptile expo Oct 3rd and 4th.

Blaberus discoidlalis aka discoids breeder pack now availalble. August 17 2015

discoid breeder pack
15 adult female discoids
10 adult male discoids
150 mixed size discoids
200 small discoids


Problems ordering? July 10 2015

If you have questions or problems ordering please contact me at 9284150347 or via email on the contact page. Also I have loads of rusty reds both sizes and medium dubia in stock. Happy Friday

By the pound? June 24 2015

I have recently seen people selling some roaches by weight only. I do not do this because it would be easy to be deceptive. If i am low on roaches and selling by the pound i could just feed them loads of wet vegi and fruit just before weighing them out, essentially padding the roaches and giving you less bug per dollar. This is just my 2 cents people. Happy Roaching!