I will not have reds available this week and probably not next week either as I need to grow more Sorry everyone i am growing them as fast as i can but not as fast as you have been buying them. -Aaron

CAUGHT UP & other stuff March 15 2021

2 more orders to ship tomorrow and caught up . finally what a hell of a beginning to 2021. I will be stocking what i have ready for sale on Wednesday between 4 and 6PM MST ( in Az no dalyight savings time) as usually. Looking forward to spring and having another rock and roll summer :D

SORRY March 10 2021

Iwill try to update the site friday. I have had a very rough week. family shit and also i got hit by the flu . be patient. I will have things caught up soon . Thanks for understanding just more craziness lol

Mar 1st 2021 Shipping? March 01 2021

Shipping is getting closer to normal. I will be resuming shipping ( assuming nothing changes ) on Mar. 8th/9th and stocking the website on Mar 3rd 4-6PM MST .

Feb 23rd Shipping Update February 23 2021

As many of you know shipping has been nothing short of garbage for 2021.
   Hopefully I should be able to ship all of my back orders by march 1st/2nd and then stock the website on March 3rd and resume normal shipping.

Jan 21st 2021 Shipping has become aboslute crap January 22 2021

USPS is taking 5-7 days ( for 2-3 day priority mail ) and that is if they don't lose the box entirely or just for a month or two. There is no Live Arrival Guarantee on USPS any longer. I am looking into alternative methods.

Good morning on this Jan 13th 2021 January 13 2021

Well its 2021 . The years first round of orders were shipped a few days ago and seem to be moving decently. I will be restocking the website again this afternoon (4-6PM MST) like I did the majority of Wednesdays last year.

My break was great and very much needed after last year. I hit the ground running just after Christmas and am expanding my colonies and hopefully building a new warehouse this year as well as other support buildings. I look forward to an awesome 2021 and continuing to be Your source for feeder roaches. Have an awesome year everyone. Follow meat search for
AzRoachRancher@AzRoachRancher as you join the fastest growing social media site that supports free speech and walk away from the Zuchterberg.

I have some coffee to drink and some roaches to ranch. Have a great day :)

FINALLY! I am on break until Jan 2021 November 16 2020

Thankyou everyone for making this year my best year ever providing you with feeder insects. I am on a shipping break until January 2021. Have a great Thanksgiving, an awesome and Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.|
If it wasnt for you, my customers, i wouldnt have a business. Thankyou so very much. I look forward to continuing to feed your beloved pets in 2021.


Aaron Pauling

OOPS! I will be updating stock this afternoon October 29 2020

I will be updating stock this afternoon. sorry about that folks .

Facebook crapping on animal groups August 07 2019

well Facebook has been doing anything it can to shut down animal and feeder sales since its partnership with PETA. To hell with Zuckerberg. Find me on a platform that respects freedom of speech and privacy . it takes a little getting used to but it is a great social media site in my opinion . Have a great day!