2024 USPS Rate and Service Changes July 1st & Happy 4th June 29 2024

USPS will be raising their rates again as of July 1st . this dose apply to Priority mail ( the way i currently ship the roaches ) There will be a price increase on Wednesday July 3rd to offset the increased cost of shipping. Thanks for understanding hope you have an awesome 4th of July Be safe Have Fun

rusty reds inventory reduction sale March 20 2024

The best prices on rusty reds aka red runners IN YEARS!
Inventory reduction sale

Holidays and Vacation Dec. 3rd 2023 December 03 2023

As some of you know and some of you may not, I stop shipping from Thanksgving week until sometime in mid January. This is really the only time i take a vacation as well ( a much needed one i might add) 

I should resume accepting orders either January 10th or January 17th . I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family friends and food and wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

More Reds? September 21 2023

Hello everyone. its going to be either next wed or the wed after before I have more reds available(smalls). At least 5-6 weeks for large.
Sorry about the delay i can only grow them so fast.

4th of July IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE June 28 2023

Tuesday is the 4th of July. The post office will be closed and since the holiday is in the middle of the week i will not be shipping again until Monday July 10th/Tuesday July 11th 

All orders received before 6 PM MST Sunday July 9th will ship on the 10th or 11th
Happy Independence Day 

update May 04 2023

weather is warmer and production is finally increasing again. should have loads of reds for june on ... also have a plan for before this next winter to keep everything warm enough and i already have about 90% of what i need to implement it; so ideally production wont slow down like that again . Will have a lot of smalls next week and I am setting aside a lot for larges too . Have a great day.

Reds and Roaches April 19 2023

its april 19th ...gotta minute? seriously though the last half year closer to 8 months have been really rough. between the failings of the post office and alot of personally things and the coldest winter we have had in over a decade... my production has slowed as many of you have noticed. i am stocking the website when i have things ready to sell ... and i am not going anywhere. check every wed 4-6pm mst (az time we dont do dimlight slavings time ) if i have stock thats when i will stock it.

A few weeks till more reds... October 20 2022

So since the middle of august until the last couple of weeks i have had A LOT to deal with. as a result production has slipped on rusty reds. it will be 2-4 weeks before i have smalls and i am not sure if i will have larges available again this year . I normally stop shipping the week of thanksgiving, IF shipping holds up and dose not start to fail, i may keep shipping after that ...just kind of have to see how things work out.

Stocking the site every wed since Jan 2022 March 02 2022

This year has been more chaos for me than last. i am stocking the site every wed when i have stuff to sell. still me still here...oh yeah i am leaving shitbookterberg . fuck the zuck and his betaverse

VACAY WOOT WOOT November 09 2021

I have more empty tubs than full ones. i am on vacay see you in 2022. best wishes and holidays and black Fridays and other shit to you and yours. i love my customers see you next year with more bugs for sale. peace and stay free and breath free and God bless.