1000 large rusty reds ( A.K.A. Blatta lateralis)

$ 53.00

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Alot of you took advantage of my sale and i still have loads of larges currently.
and inflation is hurting us all. 
So. i am keeping these prices for larges till i take my winter break
so thanks to my customers. because without you i would just be a guy with a warehouse full of roaches.

1000 $53.00
2000 $99.00
3000 $120.00
4000 $141.00
5000 $170.00
10000 $330.00

Blatta lateralis. Large. I define Large as approximately 1/2 inch long or more on this species.

 Red runners, AKA Turkish runners, red racers, or Turkistan roaches, are a fast and attractive feeder for many small to medium sized reptiles.

Stock will be updated every Wednesday 4-6PM MST
(no daylight savings. that is just dumb. stop it.)

These are sold in lots of 1000 roaches. Add 1 to your cart for every 1000 roaches

These are a non glass/plastic climbing, prolific breeders, very fast and the males can fly. They will all be the same size or close to it. 1/2 inches + depending on what I have available.

1000 $ 62.00
2000 $ 112.00
3000 $ 147.00
4000 $ 176.00
5000 $ 210.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review

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