Mexican Bean Beetle Care Sheet

I am still researching this.
Mexican Bean Beetles are a good tiny feeder for baby crested geckos, small chameleons, and poising dart frogs. I have been told that they are good for baby tarantulas as well other very small creatures. One person has also informed me that they are great for horned lizards.
1/8th of an inch as adults
approxmitely 6 weeks for a culture from start to finisih
Difficulty Level: 
I use 32 oz bug cups. I will have these for sale on my site eventually.
black eyed peas
Required Temperatures: 
room temps 70's/80's for culturing
Food Requirements: 
black eyed peas
add black eyed peas as needed to keep culture producing. set up new cups/cultures as needed
Breeding Notes: 
To set up a new culture use a few (1 teaspoon ) of the old peas/beans and knock some adults into the new culture. sometimes cultures do not take so try to keep a few going at all times. if a culture has taken and is not producing yet, feel the cup. If it is warm it is only a matter of time before you have thousands of bean beetles.