Gyna cafforium; a.k.a. The Chrome Roach; The Ghost Porcelain Roach

$ 35.00 $ 49.00

These a really neat little roach that can reproduce fast once adult numbers are built up. The adults can fly and climb but are more prone to hiding. These would make a great food for nocturnal geckos; frogs; and other nocturnal insectivorous animals. The adults are only about 3/4-7/8 inches long and the nymphs are very pretty and burrow. A great addition to a bio active enclosure that includes nocturnal insectivorous critters.

These roaches do great in the mid 80s with moderate humidity. I use a bio active enclosure with my own soil mixture and oak or other hardwood leaves, isopods, earthworms, and springtails. 

35$ for 25 oops now 49 not 25 small nymphs...49 small nymphs
( these will be 1/8th to 3/8ths inches long, adults are pictured) and will include some dwarf white isopods and springtails as well .

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